Offshore High strength Steel Plate

Offshore High Strength Steel Plates

Theoffshore industry requires continued development of new technologies in orderto produceoil in regions, which are inaccessible to exploit with the existingtechnologies. Sometimes,the cost of production with the existing know-how makes it unattractive. With thedepletion of onshore and offshore shallow water reserves, the exploration and productionof oil in deep water has become a challenge to the offshore industry. Offshore explorationand production of minerals is advancing into deeper waters at a fast pace. Many deep water structures have already been installed worldwide. Many of thesefields aresmall and their economic development is a challenge today to the offshoreengineers.Thishas initiated the development of new structures and concepts. Many of thesestructures areunique in many respects and their efficient and economic design andinstallation are a challengeto the offshore community. SBG supplies complete range of offshore high strengthsteel plates and their metallurgical solution for welding, heat treatment and forming.

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