dump truck

A dump truck is a truck that used for transportation loose materials in different industries and this device is widely used in mine industries. The Load compartment of trucks is the part which mainly is undera severe abrasion and medium impact. Therefore usage of wear resistance plate for manufacturing of this part is necessary.

In SBG we can offer to Iran Mine and cement industry, two different range of WRS plates which are Relia® and Creusabro®. 

Relia® is the a low-alloyed martensitic steels plates , which achive hardness by water quenching during plate manufacturing.

Creusabro® offers high added-value WRS plates for sophisticated abrasion applications with hard operating conditions.

Due to its low carbon content and low carbon equivalent value, Relia® exhibits very good welding characteristics using any conventional fusion welding methods. Weld surfaces should be dry, clean and ground to eliminate rust, scale, grease or paint traces, as well as gascutting dross. In all cases, we recommend that welding is carried out above 5°C. Heat input should be limited to 10-30 kJ/cm with a maximum interpass temperature of 220 ºC. The manufacturer’s recommendations should be strictly followed for the storage, handling, and use of welding consumables. For protection of weld against wear, hard welding products can be used for covering passes. For further information, please contact our technical department in SBG. 


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