Life time’s increase of hammers

The hammers are subjected to abrasion and high impact. the base metals of hammers normally are carbon steel and 14 %manganese steel which in iran we normally have 14% manganese steel . There is no economic solution for these kind of hammers, but welding of side surface of brand new hammers will extend the life-time of the hammer tremendously. The maximum interpas temperature during the welding should be kept <200 °C. Colling of the part in water or in compressed air flow is recommended.

The Buffer layer which is recommended for this welding is E307-15 (OK 67.45 or Bohler Fox A7)  and for hard facing we offer to use E7-UM-200-KR (OK 86.30 or Bohler Fox Kronos Ni or UTP Chronos Ni) , and E6-UM-55-G (OK weartrode 55 HD – Formerly OK 84.58  or UTP DUR 600 and UTP DUR 600 ). 


Let's crush

The main duty of mine crusher is to break down the rocks and hard materials to smaller particles or powders which means that we can reduce the size of the extracted particles in every mines.

The mechanism of this reduction is applying of the mechanical force and pressure to raw material to increase the rate of the processing.

There are different type of crushers which can be used in the mines. These type of crushers are:

Jaw Crusher

Gyratory Crusher

Cone Crusher

Impact crusher

Hammer crusher

The parts which subjected to the low to high abrasion and impact and other mechanism of distraction are hammers, Jaw plates, Impactor Arm, Impactor Plates and Side wear liners. 

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