Storage Tanks

Storage tanks & containment type

During the process in each unit as well as in the Refinery as a whole there is a need to store some of the produced materials either as a Final Product or to be further processes or blended.

There are different Spherical and Cylindrical Storage tanks sometimes working at temperatures down to -190 DegC. 

Storage tanks are highly critical components of an LNG plant. LNG tanks can be categorized from di.erent aspects:

        §  Fix or on carrier tanks

        §  Containment type

        §  Above ground, in-ground types & underground

Fixed storage tanks are normally made with 4 main containment types:

• Single containment: This tank has an inner tank made of 9 % nickel and an outer tank made carbon steel. In case of leakage there is no protection other than having a large construction free area. For this reason this type of tank is not used for a long time.

• Double containment: This type has a secondary containment steel or concrete dike wall close to the vapor containing the outer tank.

• Full containment: This type has a 9 % inner tank and a concrete outer tank which allows leakage to exit only from the roof. This is the most constructed LNG tank type and requires much less land.

• Membrane type: This type – which is mainly an in-ground or underground type – uses a membrane cladding of stainless steel on the insulation and a concrete outer tank. The construction cost of this type is high – as such this design is applied when very limited land is available.

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