A Portfolio with Perfect Synergy Effect

SBG loves metallurgical challenges. Our product portfolio is designed in a way that our customer enioy a chain of products who feed each other. They consider SBG as a one stop shop of high-end metallurgical products who can demonstrate the technical merits at their best.  We have been "The" first supplier of many special alloys in Iran. The first large scale application of Clad Plates, The first application of Electroslag Strip Cladding, The first application of Gr 22 CrMo plates including supply of plates & and Narrow Gap Welding solution ,supply of IN 738LC, Including 718 & other Superalloys for Gas Turbine application, First local supply of P91/P92 materials including welding solution. These are some of the many  examples of SBG setting the bar of "Engineering Solution Provider.

Related products

Description Datasheet
UR™ 22* - Nickel Base N06022 - 2.4602 NiCr21MoCr14W -
UR™ 276* - Nickel Base N10276 - 2.4819 -
UR™ 600 - Nickel Base N06600 - 2.4816 -
UR™ 601 - Nickel Base N06601 - 2.4851 NiCr23FeAl -
UR™ 625 Nickel Base N06625 - 2.4856 NiCr22Mo9Nb NCF 625
UR™ 825 Nickel Base N08825 - 2.4858 NiCr21Mo NCF 825


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OK 48.00.pdf Esab Brochure 2018-07-04

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