Clad Plates

A cost efficient solution to damage mechanisms

In design many critical process equipment such as Hydro-treating & Hydro-cracking reactors in Petroleum refinery, Separators in Gas Processing plants or Slug catchers- it is key to keep both high strength of Unalloyed or Low alloyed steel and corrosion resistance of Stainless steel & Nickel alloys. 

Normally an undiluted chemistry of the 3mm is required to be overlaid on top of the substrate. It can be done via Welding or application of  Clad Plates which are mainly made by Roll-Bonding or Explosive-Bonding methods. SBG has been supplying both types in numerous Iranian projects. Our first supply goes back to 1992! Not only we supply the plates but also have always offered Technical support during heat treatment, forming and welding of such plates to maximize efficiency.

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